Bogue Chitto Criminal Law Attorney

Criminal accusations have a way of haunting you. Not only do they come with immediate penalties, like jail time and hefty fines, but they also create a criminal record that will follow you long after the case is closed and your time has been served. For this reason, those who have been accused of criminal actions in Bogue Chitto, Mississippi, no matter how serious or minor need to partner with a criminal law attorney. With a reputation of aggressive representation and several successful court cases, the Law Office of Bobby Moak PC is ready to provide the services of a Bogue Chitto criminal law attorney to people throughout the community.

Contact Bobby Moak for the Following:

  • DUI
  • Criminal Defense
  • Forfeiture and Seizure
  • Expungements

Act Quickly to Get the Right Representation

The moment you are arrested on criminal charges, the clock starts to tick. You must take action quickly to enlist the help of a criminal law attorney in order to build a strong case. In Bogue Chitto, Attorney Bobby Moak can come to your side quickly to start gathering evidence to use in your case. The sooner you contact him, the stronger your defense will be.

As a seasoned criminal law attorney in Bogue Chitto, Attorney Bobby Moak knows the local courts well. He will help craft a defense for you, then aggressively fight for you in court to prove your innocence or to achieve a lighter sentence. In some instances, he will help you avoid court altogether by assisting with plea-bargaining. The end goal is to help you achieve the best potential outcome for your case, working to protect your rights and best interests at all times.

Representation from an Experienced Criminal Law Attorney in Bogue Chitto

For over two decades, Attorney Bobby Moak has been serving the people of Bogue Chitto and the surrounding communities as a criminal law attorney. He brings vast courtroom experience to his practice, and also the unique benefit of being a long-term member of the Mississippi House of Representatives, currently serving as the Mississippi Democratic Chairman. This experience on both the judicial and the legislative sides of the law brings him unique insight into the court process. Should your case need to go to court, he will be there to provide aggressive representation and fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Criminal accusations are not something to take lightly. If you have been accused of a crime, contact the Law Office of Bobby Moak PC today to start building a case with the help of a criminal law attorney.

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